Whether you're making a short film, a blockbuster feature, or an attention-grabbing advert, the key to great sound is building from a strong foundation. One where sound and picture inform each other and your vision is understood fully. We value this phase of the creative process highly and we love to be involved as early as possible

Pre Production Services
Sound Supervision (Pre-Shoot)
  • Script analysis to help inform your budget

  • Location scouting and troubleshooting advice

  • Wardrobe and camera department liaison

Sound Supervision
  • Spotting session to co-ordinate creative vision for project

  • Oversight and organisation of audio post team for a cohesive audio design

  • Booking and organisation of facility hire.

  • Picture department liaison

Production Sound

We can provide either a single location sound recordist with kit, or a boom operator and production sound mixer for larger scale productions. Our kit list contains leading names (Sound Devices, Sanken, Sennheiser) and our experienced team can help to keep audio related obstructions to your story at bay. 

Production Sound Recordist Manchester
Full Production team
  • Includes Production Mixer

  • Includes Boom Operator

  • 2nd Boom Op/ Sound Utility if needed

  • Recommended for large scale productions, short or feature films

  • Including kit (radio mics, boom, mixer and recorder etc.)

Location Sound Recordist
  • For smaller productions, documentary and corporate shoots

  • Single recordist

  • Including kit

Both options, at no extra cost, include sunny dispositions and smiles on their face.


The film has wrapped, the edit is locked. This is where sound can really come into its own and we're here to see that happen. Our team has extensive experience completing projects from start to finish and we bring with us an established workflow to ensure speedy turnaround with high quality results. We can provide any or all of the following:

Audio Post Production Manchester

​Sound Recording

Foley Manchester

From bespoke field recordings, to dialogue replacement and voice over, we can provide recording services, facilities and equipment to rectify, personalise and enhance the audio in your audio visual productions. We can provide any of the following as single line items or in a package...

- Foley Artist and Recordist

- ADR and Voiceover Recording

- Custom Sound Effects Recording

​Sound Editing

Sound editing can help to remove the filmmaking that the picture editor alone cannot. From effects to dialogue, our aim is to enhance your message with a transparent hand, salvage damaged audio and create the worlds your story needs to connect emotionally with its audience. We can provde any of the following as single line items or in a package...

Sound Design Manchester
- Sound Design and Effects Editing
- Dialogue Editing
- Foley Editing

​Sound Mixing

Often mistaken for a purely technical exercise, the sound mix for your TV, film or promotional audio visual content is where you can really captivate your audience. We endeavour to not only meet technical standards required, but to help you take your audiences on a journey towards whichever message or story you've got for us.

Sound Mixing Manchester


One of the largest vehicles for emotion and message in any audio visual piece is that of music. Here at Noise Four we're blessed to have our in house composer, as well as access to a network of talented musicians.

Score & Arrangement
  • Myles Mercer is a multi-instrumentalist that writes and records with top of the range instruments and equipment, both within the digital and analogue domain.

  • He treats each project with care, working closely with the client in order to spot the right type of music needed to bring the best out of  your media.

  • He has a unique sound, with lots of experience under his belt, however can be incredibly versatile to your needs.