In A Nutshell

Our team can provide pre-production advice, location sound, sound recording, editing and mixing as a package which gives you a single experienced team to see the audio side of your project through from start to finish. A simple and effective solution to high quality audio all in one bundle, including labour and facilities. Email us at or contact us HERE with the subject header “Script to Screening Enquiry” with details about your project and we'll get the ball rolling. For a full break down of the package read on....

The Director's Cut

What's the deal?


It's long been a trend within video production of all types that a gap exists between the production and post production sound teams. At its most basic, this deal aims to bridge that gap and provide a production sound recordist (or team) and post production sound team that are not only experienced in working together, but also given direction by a sound supervisor informed by the client’s vision. This single point of contact and cohesive pipeline for your sound is built to save you the time and money that's often lost when the many arms of sound for picture work independently; an approach which in turn provides the highest quality audio possible.

What's included in the package?

This depends on the project; you may need all of our services or you may only need one or two. This flexibility to meet both budgetary limitations and project scope is at the heart of our thinking behind offering this all-inclusive package. The deal we put together is bespoke to your productions needs, and aims to get you the best quality sound at your budget. This works best when a full pre-production to post production and delivery service is used. The packages are made up from the following services:

  • Sound Supervision (From Pre-Production to Post)

  • Pre-Production assistance (script analysis, audio budgeting, location scouting etc)

  • Location Sound Recording w/kit

  • Dialogue Editing

  • ADR Supervision, Recording and Editing w/facility and Kit

  • Voice Over Recording Facility

  • Sound Design

  • Foley Artistry, Recording and Editing

  • Custom Sound Effects/ Field Recording w/kit

  • Composition and scoring for live instrumentation

  • Music Recording, Mixing and Mastering w/Studio facilities

  • Premixing

  • Sound mixing w/facility

What are the benefits of the package?

With a full pre-production to post production service, you can budget for the audio portion of your project in consultation with our team. Whilst projects and budgets are unpredictable beasts, this more informed approach to the finances of production and post production sound can help reduce the risk of the money crunch which often occurs downstream of the production process. With a single team providing the sound for your project, you also eliminate much of the communication mire that dealing with individual freelancers can sometimes become. If you're the sort of person who prefers compartmentalising his teams, you can work exclusively with the supervising sound editor, or if you prefer a more collaborative approach, our team are all experienced in their field when it comes to communicating with clients. It's said that sound is 50% of audio visual media, and the greatest benefit we can offer is that with one of our packages you can guarantee half of your project with minimal time and stress, allowing you to focus on the story you're trying to tell.

How does this help my story?

The Script to Screening package means your story benefits from a team that has seen a multitude of projects from start to finish. With this experience we know the value of making sure your vision is followed by the multiple audio production disciplines involved in the process. More than that, we also know how each department can compliment each other for the benefit of your story. By providing production sound that knows the needs of the sound editor, and an editorial team that knows the needs of the dubbing mixer, you get location sound and audio post production that efficiently deals with any roadblocks to your narrative or message. Less time fixing issues means more time creating and that can only be positive for your story.

How does payment work?

Simplicity is the aim of the game, and with that in mind, we try to keep invoicing to the two main costs of Production Sound and Audio Post Production including kit, labour and facilities. Full terms and conditions are provided with our quote on a case by case basis. No hidden costs, and full transparency up front so you know what you're getting and when you'll have it by.

How do I enquire about a package deal?

Email us at or contact us HERE with the subject header “Script to Screening Package Enquiry” with your films budget, genre, estimated run time, estimated shooting schedule and project turnaround with a copy of the script if possible. From this we'll provide a rough quote and go from there.

What if I only want certain services?

Whilst the best results are to be had from getting us involved as early as possible we understand that the filmmaking process sometimes can't allow for that. We're happy to offer any of our services individually, and can put together bespoke packages to cover your needs. Email us at or contact us HERE and let us know what you're after.

Are the packages only for filmmakers?

Not at all, any project which involves audio and visuals can benefit from this comprehensive approach. Whether you're creating Voice over led corporate content or sound design based advertising, get in touch to see whether our package deal could benefit you.