With so many other high class facilities, sound recordists and engineers in the industry why should you choose Noise Four? The answer is simple, if you want your story and audience at the forefront of every stage, then Noise Four are your team.
We have a lot of time for storytellers, and understand that great tales come in budgets of all shapes and sizes. Our collective approach means that we can be flexible, allowing us to help content creators from all walks of life to achieve the best possible audio you can with the budget that you have.

Our Team

Robert Booth Foley Artist & Sound Recordist

Robert Booth

Location Sound Recordist & Sound Editor

With a keen ear for rhythm and timbre, along with a sharp eye for sync, Rob ensures every nuance of your project will be approached prudently; whether that be a key performance on set, a character-defining foot scrape in Foley, or subtle off-screen effect in the mix. With six years of practical and technical audio knowledge Rob is capable of delivering a quality product for audio visual media. With qualifications ranging from Pro Tools 210M to a first class Audio Engineering degree with honours, his combination of technical and creative skills have contributed to being part of multiple award-winning films.

Martyn Ellis Sound Editor & Recordist

Martyn Ellis

Location Sound Recordist & Sound Editor

Having grown up playing bass guitar in a variety of bands, putting on shows, and eventually moving into live engineering, the move into professional audio engineering came naturally to Martyn, and he prides himself on bringing a musical approach to all aspects of his work. Location and post-production audio for films have become Martyn’s primary concentration; the balance of creativity, teamwork and focus has proven to be the perfect professional challenge! Whether on-set as a Boom Operator, editing and mixing films in the studio, or on stage performing, he aims to ensure that great sound is front and centre for his audience.


Mhairi MacRitchie

Sound Editor & Mixer

8 years of freelancing as a sound editor has taken Mhairi from Manchester to LA and back again. It’s led her to work on an Emmy award-winning comedy show, to a Dolby Fellowship award-winning film, to a primetime soap opera. Specialising in dialogue editing Mhairi’s diversity brings a rounded knowledge to a project. Fast-paced but diligent work ethic stemming from her work in broadcast television allows for a process that is efficient but sympathetic to the story being told.

Myles Mercer Music Composer

Myles Mercer


An, award winning Composer, Myles works in the European independent short film market. He has experience in composing for Corporate, Commercial and Community Arts media. Myles, graduated from Salford University studying Popular Music and Recording, excelling in composition. He also gained valuable experience working as Technical support at The Manchester Midi School after gaining a diploma in Music Production and Sound Recording. Myles’s writes unique music that can fit seamlessly into any project. His focus is to write bespoke and eclectic music for different media including Film, Documentaries, commercials and games.