At Noise Four we're passionate about storytelling, and we firmly believe that at the heart of every audio visual project is a tale to be told. Whether that be the narrative of a film, or the selling point of an advertisement, our ethos is that your story and the audience experience comes first. This approach has helped our clients enjoy awards and international festival recognition across the globe.
We can provide a full audio production team to cover location sound, sound editing and sound mixing with kit and facilities inclusive. By choosing our team you can secure high quality audio from script to screening for your film, animation, corporate video and beyond.


Whether you're making a short film, a blockbuster feature, or an attention grabbing advert, the key to great sound is building from a strong foundation. A foundation where sound and picture inform each other whilst your vision is understood fully. With the right planning and preparation your message or story can be fully realised whilst making the most of your budget. We value this phase of the creative process highly and all of our quotes include time allocated for the following services (and more) where applicable:

Sound Supervision
  • Team management

  • Scheduling

  • Quality control

  • Shaping your vision


A good friend of the team once said “Production is like running an egg and spoon race, you're just trying to get to the finish line with everything still intact”. We're here to steady your hand. We can provide either a single sound recordist with kit, or a full boom operator and production sound mixer for larger scale productions. With a kit list containing many of the industry's powerhouses (Sound Devices, Sanken, Sennheiser) and an experienced team we can help to keep audio related obstructions to your story at bay by providing any of the following:

Production Sound team
  • Production Mixer

  • Boom Operator

  • 2nd Boom where needed

  • Includes kit

Sound Recordist
  • Single Boom op/mixer

  • Ideal for documentary & corporate or promo

  • Includes kit


Whilst we offer all of our services as single line items, at the heart of our mission statement is a drive to help improve the standard of audio our clients can enjoy from the start to finish of a project. With this in mind we offer an all-inclusive package that provides you with a team dedicated to the audio on your project; from planning and production through to post production and delivery.

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We combine our organisational talents with our creative abilities to help see your vision from locked picture to final sound mix. Our sound editing services will help remove the filmmaking picture editing alone cannot, whilst enhancing your vision and message so your audience can connect emotionally wth your story. Finally our sound mixers will sculpt the ebb and flow of the soundtrack to really bring your story to life through sound. We can provide any one of or all of the following services based on your productions needs and budget:

Sound Recording
  • Custom sound effects recording

  • Foley Artist & Recordist

  • ADR & VO Recording

Sound Editing
  • Sound Design

  • Dialogue Editing

  • Foley Editing

Sound Mixing
  • Music & score mixing

  • Premixing

  • Dubbing Mix