Noise Four are a collective of like-minded professionals who create sound for picture. Whether that's recording your audio on set, creating a cinematic soundscape, or composing a seamless soundtrack, we've got your storytelling needs covered.


Having worked with a number of reputable clients, and having had the pleasure of telling some incredible stories through fact and fiction, we've only developed a greater appetite to help more people tell theirs.


If you've got a story to tell - personal, corporate, or anything in between - we'd love to come on a sonic journey with you and assist you in realising its full potential.


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Pre Production Services


"How can sound shape my story", I hear you ask? Well, that all starts in pre-production. It's often the most effective idea to have sound on board way before you shoot. This is where the ideas form, and with the help of sound as a storytelling device, can elevate your idea in a plethora of ways. Need to portray certain elements of a character but don't want it to be on-the-nose? Need a way to connect one scene to another? How about giving subtle clues about the environment without seeing it? Yup, sound is one way to help you achieve that.


So you've already planned your film out to the exact shots you want? That's great, all the better for being raring to go, we're still here to help! We'd love to come on board and help capture the best dialogue possible from all those characters you've spent many hours refining and casting for. One, two, or even three person teams can be assembled no problem with plenty of kit to cover most scenarios we can think of. Put your story in the best possible shape for the cutting room, where we can also be on hand to refine the shape of that narrative…

Production Sound Recordist Manchester
Post Production Sound Manchester


Principle photography has wrapped, but since then you've had a few ideas, or the client has changed a few of their own? No problem, with the experience our team has in the edit suite, we're confident we can get the best out of what's already there, create soundscapes you've been dreaming of, and help the audience experience your story the way you intended in that dream so long ago!

We really like to get to know the story and the storyteller without bombarding them with tons of information that might not even be relevant so...